Here is the most recent edition (March 22, 2017) of A Deeper Dive, my occasional newsletter. I found that New York counties collect a smaller share of the real property tax pie than they did a generation ago.–in-one-graph-and-less-than-250-words-.html?soid=1126013635788&aid=c5OQ9oN6VoY


The topic of the second edition (February 23, 2017) was job growth in New York State.–in-two-graphs-and-less-than-300-words-.html?soid=1126013635788&aid=_xmkYEJRrhY


My first edition (December 20, 2016) can be found here. It dealt with New York State’s Financial Condition.–in-1-graph-and-300-words-.html?soid=1126013635788&aid=oU0a1QnnUKk


This example, which I created before launching A Deeper Dive, is a graphic that addresses the ‘honest and trustworthy’ issue during the 2016 Presidential campaign.


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